Learn how Pardes Jewish Day School helps young students thrive in our Parent Info Packet. Download your packet today.

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"We are thrilled with the outstanding education our son is receiving at Pardes. The emphasis on 21st Century skills and student engagement, combined with passionate, expert teachers, has inspired our son to take risks, think outside the box, and excel academically.  Most importantly, he has grown into an upstanding Jewish citizen of the world." 

- Parents of an eighth-grade student 


Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) encourages students to ask questions and try out different solutions, creating a foundation of valuable skills. As children engage in meaningful, hands-on projects, they develop a broad understanding of the world and discover a sense of purpose.

Jewish Life & Learning

Jewish life on campus extends beyond Hebrew and Jewish studies classes. We integrate Jewish values, rituals, language and culture throughout all aspects of each child’s school experience. Our students are surrounded by Judaism throughout their day.

Safety & Security 

We take student safety seriously. Parents  have peace of mind knowing that Pardes has invested in vulnerability assessments to make our campus as secure as possible. A team of highly trained police officers and armed security guards patrol our grounds daily.

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Download Your Parent Info Packet Today!

Download Your Parent Info Packet Today!

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Kindergarten at Pardes

Can you imagine your child’s future? Pardes Jewish Day School partners with families to prepare their children for excellence in the years to come. Our unique approach to kindergarten includes:

Differentiated Lessons
We recognize each child’s strengths and interests and use that knowledge to create differentiated learning opportunities. This helps us vary the level of complexity of learning for each child to meet their individual pace.

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Learn how Pardes Jewish Day School helps young students thrive. Download your Parent Info Packet now. 

  • What it means to be part of the Pardes Jewish Day School community

  • How a healthy culture, dedicated teachers, and engaging programs shape students

  • What the learning experience is like at Pardes

  • How social-emotional learning allows us to nurture the whole child

  • Financial assistance opportunities that are available at every income level

  • Steps to apply and an application timeline