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iPad Preview-Exploring The Mind of a Middle Schooler


“Exploring The Mind of a Middle Schooler,” a guide for preteen parents

Inside the E-Book, You’ll Learn:

  • Fascinating facts about brain development during the middle school years, including what students need to reach their potential in the classroom and beyond 

  • Why intrinsic motivation matters, and how to engage students by providing autonomy in the learning process

  • What to look for in a middle school to ensure your child will be supported academically, socially, and emotionally

  • How Pardes partners with parents to ensure students develop a healthy identity, good character, and strong values
iPad Preview-Exploring The Mind of a Middle Schooler

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As the parents of a 2020 graduate and a current seventh grader, we are very proud to be Pardes. Our recent grad is now a freshman at Brophy College Prep where he is thriving due to principles that were ingrained in him since he was a kindergarten student at Pardes. He has the confidence to respond in class, is a strong public speaker, cares about his community and is truly a mensch. We see these same traits in our daughter as well. Pardes middle school prepares the students not only for high school but beyond.
-Aaron and Stacie Wittenberg

Our innovative curriculum provides layered learning opportunities which allow students to master foundational literacies while making real-world connections and moving from knowledge consumers to creators.

Pardes is an environment where students feel safe to try new things, take risks, and explore their interests. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for developing leadership skills — from community service projects to student government.

We impact and enrich our students’ Jewish identities through the teaching of Jewish thought, culture, and ritual. We are committed to igniting our students’ curiosity in order to instill lifelong learning.

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Why MIDDLSCHOOL  Parents Choose Pardes



Parents Choose Pardes