Whole-Child Approach

Teachers help foster social and emotional growth, as well as cognitive skills.

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If you’re in the process of choosing an elementary school, you know how much is at stake. Our free e-book helps you think through five important questions as you consider the most effective learning environment for your child. Pardes Jewish Day School is committed to making excellent private education affordable for as many families as possible, and providing an experience that fosters:

A Love for Learning
Our research-based, 21st-century approach to teaching provides ample opportunities for hands-on learning, inspiring young minds and building foundational skills.

Strong Character
Our graduates not only thrive in top high schools and colleges; they become men and women who are service oriented, respectful, and driven to pursue a meaningful life.

Security & Confidence 
Your child’s safety and security is paramount. With small classes, students are known by their teachers, which creates a sense of self-confidence and enhances learning.

How We Stand Out

Jewish Life and Learning

Students explore history, holidays, and values, as well as a broad range of Jewish traditions.

Hands-on Learning

Tapping into students’ natural curiosity, hands-on lessons maximize learning in kindergarten.

“We are so happy with the decision we made sending our son to Pardes and can't wait for our daughter to attend as well.  We have found the school so warm and welcoming ...The teachers are very interactive and involved in our child's success.  We are never left in the dark when it comes to what our son is doing in the classroom plus we appreciate the Jewish aspect of his education.  Our son absolutely loves his school, teachers and the friends he has made.“

-Arlene and Jason Israel

The 5 Most Important Questions To Ask 

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“More Than A School…”

...Pardes is a community that supports our children with opportunities, friendships and individual attention. It inspires creativity through modern programs, such as Makerspace, resulting in children who love to learn. We see our three children blossoming into great thinkers and leaders at Pardes. 

-Jacqueline and Peter Roalofs

When Choosing an Elementary School

Laying the Foundation for Your Child’s Future

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 P 480-991-9141 

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The 5 Most Important Questions To Ask

When Choosing an Elementary School